The international SunChild®

Teacher Training

Certified by Ajai Alai Awakening. 


The training starts on  17th of september 2020 


Module I: 17, 18, 19 + 20th of september 2020 

Module II: 4, 5, 6+ 7 February 2021

The training deals with the different developmental stages of children and young people. You will learn and develop the following within yourself:


  • my inner child: to recognize, respect and heal;

  • storyteller: the art of telling stories;

  • Improviser: to creatively and intuitively meet the needs of the children;

  • mediator of fun and joy: staying in touch with my heart;

  • Life companion: inspire children physically, mentally and spiritually;

  • Yogi/Yogini: living and passing on values and the yogic path of life (Dharma);

  • bring clear structure into your lessons;

  • Development of your teacher personality: inner peace, silence, strong nerves, assertiveness, intuition,

  • Empathy,  creativity and neutrality.


After the training, you will:

  • receive a certification as an accredited yoga teacher for children and teenagers;

  • teach Kundalini-Yoga to accompany and strengthen the growing up of children;

  • teach yoga postures (asanas) suitable for children;

  • adapting children's yoga to different age groups and topics;

  • gaining insight into the conscious relationships and needs of children / adolescents.


Yoga for children? - Of course!

Yoga helps children to get to know themselves and their bodies lovingly and playfully. It balances their feelings and helps to reduce fear and aggression. Yoga has also been proven to increase flexibility, concentration and well-being.

Yoga improves the social behaviour of children; they become more loving, self-confident and balanced. Personality and nervous system are strengthened.


Kundalini-Yoga according to Yogi Bhajan covers all aspects of life and also provides children with a key to overcoming challenges. Furthermore, it promotes an open approach to adverse aspects of life.


Sat Sarbat Kaur & Satmukh Singh


Since 2001 Sat Sarbat Kaur is certified to teach yoga to children through the American Radiant Child™ Yoga Program, Next Generation Yoga® , as well as by 3HO Germany where she followed the first edition of the Kundalini Yoga teacher training for children offered by its creator: Shiva Kaur Khalsa.


For 6 years Sat Sarbat Kaur gave regular yoga classes to children from 4 to 12 years in her yoga centre in Austria as well as in several elementary and maternity schools, before becoming herself a trainer for children yoga teachers.


In the past she has been a trainer of 3HO Germany and part of the team of the Amrit Nam Sarovar school in France for the development of children and teenagers programs. 


She has now been offering her own teacher training for children worldwide since 2013.  On the personal level her experience with children is a life-long one, as she raised herself nine children among her own and adopted ones.


She believes that children should be taught to tap into their inner strength, peace and happiness in order to become trustworthy, reliable and independent adults.

Trainers for this teacher training are Sat Sarbat Kaur and her husband, Satmukh Singh, whose parents worked as foster parents for children of difficult backgrounds who had to be taken away from their family and environment for their own protection. 


Sharing his childhood with these difficult children made Satmukh a very sensitive and compassionate caretaker for children. His direct personal experience in this field, is a precious and unique contribution to this teacher training.


“Finally landing back after one of the most profound and inspiring yoga training weeks I’ve experienced in a long time, SunCHild Teacher Training!

Thank you Sat Sarbat and Satmukh for your incredible wisdom, insights, joy and generosity. The training was abov and beyond a children’s yoga training program, it offered me a deeper insight on my own inner child journey, a more mature and authentic frame for conscious parenting, a new outlook on bringing joy to adult classes and great tools to teach yoga to children of all ages.


A big hug and thank you to my beautiful sisters who journeyed with me during this amazing week. Feeling truly grateful and looking forward to sharing this wisdom far and wide.”

– Siri Hari Kaur, Australia


“The teacher training for children was a surprising present for me. It allowed me to touch the inside corners I didn’t see for many years.

Even as a mother I have learned a lot from teaching my child, I did not realize that how I was driven by the innerchild and my hidden self.


This course gave me a lot of healing. The classes for children are so creative and so fun, but also a challenge! I learned how to keep neutral by letting go my expectation and how to teach children to love not to love me.


Our teacher is full of humor, we really enjoyed being children and students in her demo classes”.

– Dharamjot Kaur, China

Training Fee


Price: € 1149.50 incl. VAT

Logistics (working material & manual):  € 133.10

Totaal: € 1282,60 incl. VAT


Terms and Conditions:

Participation to all modules is necessary for certification.

All information regarding a student is maintained confidentially as required or permitted by law.


Payment Conditions: Your registration is secured only after payment of the full amount 1282,60 Euro (MAF BE72 4741 1500 1116 specifying TT Sunchild + name).  

Please register here:

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